Episode Four: Sohaila’s Kitchen

“It’s been Sohaila Humayon’s lifelong dream to open her own restaurant, and her dream has finally come true. She’s serving Pakistani cuisine, with a couple of Indian dishes as well, at her humble food stand in the Lenexa Public Market. Stop by and try a sample — we’re confident you’ll be converted into a lifelong customer.”

The Open Belly Podcast

Meet the Merchant: Amna Humayon

“I love being able to break cultural, societal, and political barriers through something as simple as food. Sharing our rich Pakistani culture with customers and witnessing their eagerness to learn more is truly the best part. The Lenexa Public Market is a place where people connect over food — what’s better than that?!”

Lenexa Public Market

Sohaila’s Kitchen to Soft Open at Lenexa Public Market this Weekend

“Meeting the family, it is easy to see one of the reasons why the lines were so long. Customers love talking to the entire family as their plates are being assembled. Getting to know the chef and her gregarious and charming family is part of the pleasure of the overall dining experience.”

Feast Magazine